8 Reasons Why 20Nation Says Every Man Should Lift Weights

8 Reasons Why 20Nation Says Every Man Should Lift Weights

lift weights

I have started lifting regularly again after quite some time of not doing it. Since I have started again, I have noticed some big changes in my life… positive changes. Things that, looking back at it now, are the same things that started happening when I was lifting before.

So I will tell you 8 reasons that I have noticed in my own life why I think every man should lift weights.


Your confidence

Since lifting again, I have noticed a natural lift in my own confidence. I feel more confident in my body, in how I look and in my own ability to protect myself. This confidence stems from these things and all of the other reasons I will continue listing.


Men respect you

I don’t know what it is, but there is something inside of all men that automatically respects other men with size. I have noticed that when a big guy enters the room, I can’t help but respect him. He can kill that respect by acting beta, but before really getting to know him… there is an animal respect for him that I can’t control.

The same seems true in how men treat me when I put on muscle. That respect is there immediately when I meet them if I have been going to the gym.

This can be useful while trying to pick up girls in groups (would you rather cock block a guy who looks like he could kick your ass or a scrawny little hipster?), but also just dealings in your everyday life.


You are more attractive to the opposite sex

I don’t care how many women have said “I prefer a skinnier guy.” We all know you can’t ask a girl what she really likes and get a straight answer. I can tell you that it’s black in white, the amount of attention I get from women before and after I start lifting. I see it in IOI’s and I see it in how women react when I talk to them.

Most guys out there have a normal amount of muscle and what is common is boring. You want to be seen as a strong guy to women. If you are, you will instantly become more attractive to them.

However, I think for the return on investment, becoming a gym rat is not worth it. In my opinion, for getting girls, I think it is ideal to go to the gym 3 times a week and each session should be under an hour. The reason for this is that no girl wants a guy who lives at the gym or that gets ALL his confidence from the gym. You will also not burn out so easy by going just 3 times a week.



You will become more attractive in a sexual sense

Putting on muscle pushes you from a boyfriend material looking guy to a guy that girls would like to have as a boyfriend, but if they can’t get that, then they would really enjoy just fucking you.

I think that they can sense the extra testosterone and they get wet at the idea of you being able to toss them around like a rag doll.

I have really noticed a difference in the amount of IOI’s I get while walking around and while in a club when I have been lifting. Girls who would never have checked me out before, are checking me out now.

The thing that makes this so important, is that it is 10x easier to open a girl that gives you an IOI, than it is a girl who didn’t even seem to notice your existence.


Self control and discipline

After starting a lifting regime, I also have this feeling of control over my life that I didn’t have before. I am making sacrifices to improve myself. I am setting a goal and working at it three times a week, no matter what. This is something that will get anybody out of a funk in their life.


It’s the best way to help your mood

This goes for all exercise, but when you are in a shitty mood for whatever reason, the best thing you can do is go to the gym. You can take out your frustrations on the weight. You also have endorphins (the chemicals your body naturally gives off that make you happy) that the exercising will make you create. Sad, mad, depressed to happy in 45 minutes.


Feeling better and more horny

After lifting, you will start to become more healthy and you will feel it. As soon as you walk outside your house, you will feel the difference. Something just feels right in your body.

Thanks to this help and also a rise in your testosterone, you will also become more horny. This will aid you in chasing women and give you the drive you need to fulfill your biological imperative.


Helps with body language and posture

The mix of confidence and healthy will naturally improve your body language for the best. As long as you know what body language positions make you more attractive (You can learn that by clicking here), lifting will make these much easier to achieve and make apart of how you act.

On top of that, if you are lifting correctly, you will be holding excellent posture. The lifts will strengthen the right muscles so that you will much more easily hold excellent posture.


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42 Comments on “8 Reasons Why 20Nation Says Every Man Should Lift Weights”

  1. Great advice. I notice it most in my posture and the way I walk (more swagger), plus more IOIs. The positive effects of lifting really can’t be overestimated.

    1. BULLSHIT DUDE IM.MY FIFTH TIME IN Colombia now they care first about how you talk they also care if you don’t dress LIKE a slob.. I see you mostly go to Europe remember European girls almost as bad as American Girls you can have no muscles or normal ones like me and girls happy why bulk up like the hulk that’s dumb bet you never even been to Colombia who different culture here compared to North America or Europe..

    2. I’ve spent 4 months in Colombia and watched ripped dudes who speak 3 words of spanish kill it. So… no. The didn’t even need to communicate. Still being able to game always trumps muscle. But both is ideal

    3. BS Dude I been here 5 times Im here right now… You just mention the trendy places to hang in,,I hit big cities I hit beaches I hit small pueblos Im over the map,,, You thinking Usa,,IN usa they so picky and cunts they want you to be Brad Pitt,, And now Brad pitt is a Fag just like Angie likes lesbo twat,,, You always post Cartagena Medellin Bogota,, Thats all gringos terrotorries,, Bogota has the Dea chumps making us gringos bad,, Cartagena is hustler hell,,Medellin is getting ruined by the gringo sex tourists… And you say you did not to speak much spanish bs this aint Cancun,,Colombian girls like a guy that speaks fluent spanish also the thing that irks most Colombian girls are shorts on gringos they find that tacky as hell,,Shorts are only good on beaches on the north coast plus maybe in Tolu too,, Plus I hate shorts they make guys look faggy looking,, Man You have good ideas but the muscle thing your wrong in Colombia just be yourself they happy on that.. Comprende….

  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but your article is misleading and makes it sound that just picking up a couple weights will increase your confidence tremendously and almost irresistible to women. Perhaps for you it did it, but you already have world-class confidence and good looks but most for most beta guys all that working out will do is make them healthier and perhaps improve their score in whatever wimpy sport they do.

    First of all most girls rarely notice a guy who works out just 3x a week for < an hour. There is really no such thing as over-training and to be massive one has to spend years working out not just consistenly but hard. Not sure if you've heard of CT Fletcher (one of the strongest bodybuilders ever) but here is his take on training:


    It is not sufficient to work out to be noticed, especially in USA where every nightclub is packed with meat-heads, you have to strive to be better than most. You should visit Washington, DC one of these days to see just how tough the competition here is. If you can write a story on succeeding here with your online/day-game than I will give you more credit than the travel stories in Latin America. Unless you live by the beach area or have already gotten her back to your place only then will those workouts show and pay dividends.

    There are more effective ways of attracting girls than going to the gym (dance would be #1) (something that I have learned the hard way, only after working out for the last 16+ years of my life, but doing too much cardio and not enough HEAVY weight training) and to be noticed one must work out a minimum of 4x a week, several hours a day and usually watch your diet (eat a lot but healthy food) to grow big. Just being cut is only good for the beach, being big but not fat is what will make you attractive (assuming you don't have much approach anxiety) at most clubs especially if one is not a good looking guy.

    While "no girl wants a guy who lives at the gym or that gets ALL his confidence from the gym" most girls want a guy who looks like Vin Diesel or Bradley Cooper (American Sniper body); both these guys are over 200 pounds and are solidly built due to Power Lifting routines.

    Also, not sure why you claim that lifting weights provides you with such a boost of energy. Most of the guys at my gym, including myself are rather tired after our workouts (and sore), the T boost is short lived and I would not say it is optimal for gaming. On the contrary the energy I get is of the aggressive type, but usually I just want to go home and rest.

    1. I never said it will make you irresistible. I also don’t think being as big as the guys you are talking about is even ideal. Being massive, won’t do anything but make you less attractive to women than if you were just strong looking. Being massive only looks more attractive to men. It’s too big and not worth the extra hours in the gym. Trying to be the biggest guy in the club is not worth your time anywhere.

      Bradley Cooper is only about 185 lbs normally. He is too chubby/bulky in American sniper. He also had to start intense training to get to that size. Vin Deisel is not the type of guy all girls swoon over. He has a bulky body type. Not bad at all, but still not the ideal look. For an improved (not too huge) look three times a week with a decent diet and high intensity will give people a much improved body and confidence to go with it.

    2. Article isn’t misleading at all. And overtraining is a waste of effort and time. Been there, done that.

      The point is not that simply “picking up some weights” will miraculously change one’s life but that weight training (let’s assume fairly regularly) will reap the benefits listed in the article. One does not have to be massive to reap those benefits above. I speak from personal experience.

      Beta or not, additional changes will come that can influence one psychologically and that tends to cause a change from former ‘beta’ personality traits.

  3. 20

    Are you huge like when you walk in a room people are like ” What college football team do you play for?”.

    1. Not at all. I’m about 6’1, 185 lbs. I’m not bulky at all, but girls are recently doing alot of bicep touching and asking if I go to the gym.

    1. I’m not an expert by any means but I’ve learned that working on the basic muscle groups using free weights (dumbells, barbells, and cable etc) is great. Machines occassionally or as a supplement to free weights is ok.

      I’m at the stage now where I go 3+ times a week, focusing on chest, biceps, shoulders, legs, triceps, and a bit more depending.

      Fundamental exercises like deadlifts, squats, and more are really helpful. I do those occassionally, along with shoulder shrugs (I got nice shoulders that way).

      Basically I would start with 2 muscle groups each of the 3 days, and pick 3-4 exercises at a weight you can do for 6-8 reps. “Drop sets” are helpful also (search for more about that).

      Don’t overwork yourself (don’t spend TOO much time in the gym) and don’t be lazy in the gym, wandering around playing with your phone like many guys. You need to push yourself and reach muscle fatigue to induce growth. And EAT well!

      My $.02.

    2. I have read so many conflicting articles about the right way to go. In my opinion putting on muscle is about 3 things. The intensity of your workout (ripping your muscles), the rest period (when your body can rest and repair those ripped muscles) and your diet (making sure your body is getting what it needs to repair those muscles, especially protein).

      When I go to the gym I have a day for chest, shoulder and triceps. Another day for Back, biceps and legs. I switch off these things. It works well for me as I’m only going to the gym 3 times a week. Rotate the lifts you are doing for each area to tear your muscles in new ways. Remember to do a warmup (avoid injury), to research how to do the lifts properly and to go until you can’t physically do more. This will ensure you are getting what you can out of the gym.

    3. you got nice shoulders by doing shoulder shrugs? you sound like an unathletic geek who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Shrugs work your traps not your delts. Seems like 90% of red pill guys were never athletic and had shit bodies most of their lives so lifting is now the holy grail. The holy grail really is in your masculinity which doesn’t require weight routines.

    4. My goodness, someone has issues.

      Yes, that’s correct, I have nice shoulders which includes traps from doing shrugs.

      Masculinity is not defined by any one thing; However, one of the key traits — and most telling signs — is a muscular build resulting from weight lifting and better nutrition.

      There is no substitute for weight lifting. The results speak for themselves and the resulting response from others (particularly women) cannot be denied.

      Being defensive or angry towards those who are willing to put in the hard work won’t get you any further, and honestly is certainly not “masculine.” Rather beta, I’d say.

    5. Yes but talking is the key and a woman prefer s at least in Latin America an intelligent man over a muscle nerd..

    6. I forgot to mention like 20Nation said: rotating excercises (as well as trying to be a bit flexible about days/routines because things will come up during the week occassionally, but it’s important to stick to it.)

      Also, sometimes it’s hard and you’re tired but you have to push through it and do your best if you want results. A pre-workout supplement drink can help a lot with focus and energy for making it through a gym session.

      Some days you just aren’t up to it, and need to “regroup” and come back the next day or another day soon. But not to give up completely.

    7. Stronglifts 5×5 is the best. Its simple compound movements (squat, deadlift, benchpress, rows, etc.) and you only workout 3 times a week.

  4. I agree 100%. One of the best things I ever did was start going to the gym regularly some time ago. The benefits are exactly as 20Nation wrote above. My regret is that I didn’t start when I was younger, when I could heal faster and had even more testosterone naturally.

    It is an undeniable fact that there is a biological attraction by (note: healthy, mentally normal) women to a man with a good physique. And also other men treat more muscular men with more respect as I’ve observed.

    Also, a man with a muscular physique not only looks noticeably better than other men, but when he dresses to compliment his body it enhances it even further. I get my shirts tailored and there is NO ignoring a tightly fitting polo shirt or well-fitting brightly colored shirt on a great body lol.

    You can’t “half ass” it if you want to reap the benefits, but even a fair amount of effort is very rewarding.

    I have an old picture of me before I started lifting, and now I look at the pic and laugh at the difference. My confidence is much higher and it is wonderful to get compliments and women’s attention.

    Also I have noticed that men (douchebags, & dickhead types) have not given me grief much any more. Those kinds of guys tend to pry on guys who appear vulnerable & weak and a man who lifts doesn’t draw that kind of negative attention.

    I can’t recommend it enough. It will make HUGE differences in your life although it does require some sacrifice of your time and better eating/sleep/etc habits.

    About 1.5-2 hours in the gym (including showering) is enough to go through a good routine and get an effective workout for 2 major muscle groups each of the 3+ days a week I go. Spending too much time in the gym did not gain me anything and was simply dimishing returns. A more effective, efficient workout is better. You will know the next day or 2 if you did well, as you’ll be very sore after a great workout session.

    I see guys playing with their cell phones or not really pushing themselves in the gym, then going home shortly. It is no coincidence those guys are still thin, out of shape, have poor posture, and aren’t accomplishing anything.

    1. the tailored shirts tip is GREAT. When you have a good body, then dress to that body, the results can be deadly.

      Nice post GetItGoing. I agree with pretty much everything you said. We have noticed the same things.

    2. Thanks. One of the basic “red pill” truths a man discovers is that appearances do matter and also that women do, in fact, naturally respond much better to a masculine man over an average, slumped-over thin guy. And that being average means you’re not reaching your potential.

      I’m not saying that all the women who I get positive attention from now are attractive (ha ha, like the Mexican woman & her daughter last week) but it still feels great and is motivation to stay on that path and push myself.

      It’s also a great conversation starter when strangers start saying “Oh you must work out” and go from there…

    3. Yeah the skinny hipster look that’s getting so attractive in USA, is NOT making those guys more attractive overall.

      Yeah it does come down to redpill. Women want to be dominated and a man with muscle represents a guy that can do that better. Also there is the fact that women want to be protected. Women deep down don’t really want to be independent. They just want to be dependent on the right guy.

    4. Well you have sex with muscle men so of course you like buff dudes. Seems your mother is a hoe.

  5. I think there is one exception to this. If you have more of a rocker look (like I do) then thin works well as long as you are confident with it, wear it well and.. probably most key: have EVERYTHING well tailored.

    Everything I wear is high end well fitted/tailored italian street fashion type stuff. I’m incredibly confident with how thin I am and because of how I dress and my confidence people often assume I’m some famous musician/artist or something.

    I think for that sort of rock/alt look, thin is really the ideal. Seems a good number of my friends that are legitimate musicians are struggling to be as thin as I am naturally.

    That said you don’t want to be undefined and thin. I work out just enough that I have definition but nothing that will increase bulk at all.

    Obviously this only pertains to the first item on your list. The other stuff is valid. I run and bike a lot for the health and mood benefits. I find the discipline in my work.

    The caveat here is that I think it ends up being a bit pricy to pull off the look, and you have to naturally have that sort of look and attitude that gives off that vibe.. so I’d say this is right 98% of the time.

    1. I think maybe its not even an exception. It sounds like you are dressing right and have the right swag, if you put on that muscle I would bet you would get an even more positive response from women, musician or not.

    2. Great post.

      My take is that it is all about posture great posture. Having a great posture radiates confidence and make you feel more confident.

      For me personally, my routine is a 10 minute warm up run, lifting 3 sets of 10 reps with a minute rest between sets. Takes about 35 minutes to work 3 muscle groups. 45 minute workout 3 times a week and I’m destroyed. I also do Pilate’s once a week, which is 10 times harder than crunching and sorts out breathing and posture for lifting.

    3. True in the usa mainly I know in The Dr some porn stars one has a bf fat no muscles really another has a more athketuc tyo e but not really muscular akso once you’ve south of the border its day to night thinking..Girls here young date older dudes that’s normal too guess me being in Colombia my fifth time I won’t get laid much cause I don’t huge guns.. Gosh can’t believe you guys all fall for this trap..

    1. Dude you doing good women like all types of dudes at least if they talk dress a little the muscle shit is Bs American thinking I’m.also hung very well good but not as tall as you guess we can’t have a gut either…

  6. Hey not all girls care about muscles that’s bs if you follow the pua guys they never mention muscles look at Ross Jeffries is he an Arnold Schwarzenegger guy its how you talk even dress maybe American cunts LIKE that but girls in Latin America care about that..

    1. having muscle and being strong will make any man more attractive. But being ripped like Arnold isn’t what i’m talking about. It’s too much

    2. Nah Girls in Colombia like a strong mind and also a guy that dont dress tacky which I admit I do sometimes American Mentallitty you must watch too much Plumper Pass vids you from Miami??? I cant stand watching porn wioth nice hot bbws and ripped dudes Its better to see a normal good lokking guy get these babes,, Your too washed in the gringo mentalitty,, I been all over SA Except the Guinas,,Almost half of Central America Mexico all over Canada USA Europe once,,Latin America is night and day man American society wearing gold and chains saying yo yo yo,, Colombia aint that at all never will be,, End of story Dude…..

  7. I agree and disagree with this article. Agree, men should lift. Disagree about its effect on women in such a short time. 20Nation, I don’t know that you could notice a difference after one month. It takes a lot more than that to start seeing a noticeable body change. For most people.

  8. Would you do a “top countries for muscular/buff/macho guys”? I’m only 5’7″ but since I’ve worked out avidly since 10 years old, I resemble The Rock. I got a lot of attention in Mexico, Honduras, and Romania but I’m wondering where I could really get some attention besides those places.

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