My Article on Return of Kings – The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell in a Relationship

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The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell
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The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell in a Relationship

The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell


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I just wrote an article for the popular redpill website Return of Kings. The article is called “The 7 Most Common Lies Women Tell in a Relationship.” Check it out to see some of the things I have learned from using my key logger on countless girls that I have dated. A future post on the best key loggers to use is in the works. Enjoy the article.

Read it here:

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  • splooge

    this is why panternity tests should be mandatory for every man siging the birth certfificate.

    Being a mother doesnt mean you are the better parent

    id comment on rok if i wasnt dumb enough to comment thread started by a female

    • Nice links. Yeah man it’s so tough to know what’s really going on, you should always paternity up.

      And the second link is a good way to get custody of a kid. Guys get shafted at custody hearings…

    • splooge

      ya cant blame some guys wjere they jist take off with the kids to another country due to the unfsir laws here almost like a femist friendly sharia law o some shit lol

    • yeah. USA is going downhill. I used to have such an elitist view of home country… now… it has changed a lot

    • JJ Roberts

      “paternity tests should be mandatory for every man signing the birth certificate”

      Yes they should.

      No man (even if he has zero suspition) should ever name himself as the father on a birth certificate without a DNA test.

    • agreed 100%

  • Ian

    If a guys inexperienced- how does he keep from being psychologically tortured by women and their often true, vile nature?

    How could a guy who’s older or been divorced even hope to find an innocent girl as they all become soiled and it makes sense because they take seed and we give it and no one wants to reside in a biological septic tank.

    • an inexperienced guy… there is no alternative to getting experience. Really. I have seen so many guys get screwed over just because they were inexperienced.

      and what you are saying… is something I have thought a lot about. At a certain age, it becomes very difficult to find an innocent girl who hasn’t been pump and dumped plenty of times. Maybe find a really religious girl? Honestly I’m not sure about the answer

    • Joe R

      Me s guide to spotting bad females who will divorce rape them or bring trouble based on a guy like you’d vast experience would make for an awesome Nicholas Jack book. Make t flow and give tale tell signs even newbies and the Inexperienced can readily understand And apply. You could save a lot of men cash, misery, time, and even their life’s by writing a book on this subject. How to spot and avoid trash and instead get quality for the short or long term. Mra user said it well quality is a girl 18-24 who’s 7+ in looks who has not had a cock farm up her twat as low notch young reasonably attractive girls who display feminine traits and personalities are the only way Togo but even among them a man needs wisdom and discretion.

      This book will be a service to redpill men everywhere 20.

    • i think it’s a good idea, but at the end of my book the key logger I talk a lot about that. If I write a book about it, there will be a lot of the same info.

    • splooge

      what really wanna know is how to tell are real hymen apart from a fake one. now that they sell em online or do hymnplasty.
      thats another big one women lie about. theyll be pleasant n cheery but doesnt equal to honesty all the time and i think this is where we inexperienced guys become shocked when we see their skeleton closet.

      20 if you can do an article on the subject that be great cuzno one has done it

    • haha i will have to read more into that. I will put it on the list of possible future blog post ideas

    • GetItGoing

      As you accept “red pill” truths a man’s eyes will become open to seeing tell-tale signs he couldn’t see before or ignored.

      Also, when a man has not just sufficient experience but a more frank way of thinking he can assess his chances of finding women who aren’t undesirable. It gets easier in that case.

      For example, when I finally learned the hard lessons about women and learned so much from the manosphere, I began to more easily spot typical characteristics of American women and was better prepared for pursuing women suitable for LTRs vs.those worthy only for short-term fun. It’s like gaining special lenses for seeing women & other men for what they really are.

    • yeah experience alone won’t help if you are always looking for the wrong things. But I have never met a man with legit experience with women that isn’t at least a bit red pill